Obtain a Registration

Registering an Appraisal Management Company

  • Must submit two (2) fingerprint cards for the Designated Contact Person

  • Must submit two (2) fingerprint cards for all persons with more than ten percent (10%) ownership of the AMC

  • Copy of the Certificate of Good Standing from the Wyoming Secretary of State

  • Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, Partnership Agreement, or Articles of Organization

  • Copy of the existing surety bond held by the AMC

  • Description of the process which verifies that an appraiser being added to the Appraiser Panel holds an appraiser certificate in good standing in Wyoming

  • Sample copy of the Engagement Document between the AMC and appraisers on the panel

  • Certifications by owners if applicable (see forms)

Completed Applications may be submitted via email or mail.

Email: rec-appraiserboard@wyo.gov

Mail: 2617 E Lincolnway, Suite H, Cheyenne, WY 82009